Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rise of the Online Magazine

I am in love with all these new online magazines. Everyone always talks about our "dearly departed Domino" and how some of these online magazines are the perfect cure for its absence. Well, although they can't feel as good as holding Domino in my hand, these are indeed a great cure. Here is a bit of inspiration to go check them out.

Lonny Mag, covered the absolutely amazing J.K. Place Hotel in Florence and Capri, Italy. The first picture is of the J.K. Place Capri, the second is Palmer Weiss for Lonny, the third is a stunning brown zigzag rug with a teal armchair, and the fourth a lovely and fresh wallpapered bathroom.

Then we have Nesting Newbies -
The first picture is of an awesome dining room they featured, the second of a boy's room loft, and the third of a family room with a capiz shell light fixture.

Next is Rue Mag - Full of home inspiration!
Check out these beautiful bedrooms, and amazing family rooms.

Coming soon is High Gloss magazine, and here is a sneak peek...

 You can see where I get most of my inspiration now.

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