Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Mantel as Headboard Ideas

Last time I didn't get to cover how great this mantel-as-headboard thing can be. The best past isn't how pretty it looks, it is that you can put things on the mantel/headboard that you otherwise couldn't display at the top of your bed, such as artwork, accessories, candles, books or clocks. I also love the idea of putting a padded and tufted headboard between the space of the mantel as some of the pictures below will show. One even has a mirror. I had been plotting how to make the perfect headboard for my low ceiling (yet tall mirrors on my nightstands,) and I think this idea is the best yet. Check out all these great pictures from around the web.
Better Homes & Gardens via

Gail's Decorative Touch

Traditional Home via House of Turquoise

And if you can't get your hands on a mantel, a single, wide shelf will do nicely.

Better Homes & Gardens via

P.S. A correction - the picture from my previous post, the bed with the black and white damask cover, is actually from

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