Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sarah 101 Bedroom, Parachute Drapes, Magenta, Pink Chevron and a Glitter Wall

I try to stay away from new blogs, tumblr, and pinterest, because if I go anywhere near them, I usually develop a strong case of insomnia. Of course, everything I see is very inspiring, so I have to save every image, bookmark every site, go to related pages, and so on. Last night it started when I was watching Sarah 101 on TV. I wanted to find this:

Image via Sarah 101 "Industrial Soul Bedroom" via and

I was more impressed with the fabrics used in this episode than I was of the finished product. I thought it would be a little "darker." But w/e. < another reason I should not go online so often.

Anyway, I proceeded to read a gazillion pages of the Blush Ink blog, was dumbfounded by the fact that not everyone knows what a rollie-pollie bug looks like, went on to "Tayla's" tumblr, which was infinitely fascinating, then the eleganceforbreakfast tumblr, was reminded of my love for the name Lollia, and it went on and on and on. Then I checked the polls over at and realized that I need to stop putting my personal baby name ideas online because >insert angry word here< teenagers and adults with a lack of creativity and lack of morals like to take what is not theirs. are some of my findings. I seem to really be on a magenta/cranberry/red with or without velvet kick right now. (Even red velvet cake.) Also shades of white (which is typical for me.)
Mi Casa Revista via Cococozy (LOVE LOVE LOVE these parachute drapes)

Refined Eclectic Georgetown Digs (tour) via Apartment Therapy
Decorate via Plush Palate
A glitter wall via A subtle revelry via
Adorevintagehome.tumblr (I totally want to make the top right one)

This does not even begin to cover the mass amounts of information I gather each night during my insomniatic internet wanderings. I have not included anything related to,, anything wedding or party related, or anything book and/or food related. In other words, I'm addicted to the internet.

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