Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Furniture the Cheap Way

I really hate looking online or in magazines for furniture because it always ends up being so expensive (yet somehow you try to justify buying it because it is so pretty). Out of all the people I know, probably only two can afford to buy a $1,000 wingback chair or a $400 side table, and even so, it just isn't practical. Not many people act on the alternative way to buy new furniture - antique stores, fleas, and garage sales...even dumpster diving. While I got most of my furniture from my mom after she moved and restocked her new house, I do have a few pieces from antique stores and friends basements. One was a simple, outdated wood kitchen table chair that had been painted pale yellow. $18, and it will be the perfect desk chair. Another is my friend's laundry hamper that used to be white and clean (and had turned yellowy and faded) but with a fresh coat of paint and fabric over the top, it will look brand new again.

Another thing I noticed is how many stores offer vintage or antique looking pieces, and so many people search for things that look this way, but no one seems to hunt for them used. Everyone wants new, new, new.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple pictures of my backyard this winter.

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