Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Very Attainable

We've all heard it at some point: "Sometimes less is more." I agree. Sometimes, simple really is better. There are those who master the cluttered look so that it does not look cluttered at all, and others who have a lot of stuff in their space because they can afford it. For some us of, our spaces are simple not by choice, but because we can't afford to buy the things we would like. So how do we make it look like that's the style we intended to have? We wanted it to look simple and slightly empty? One of those things is, as I've mentioned before, using furniture, blankets, art, books, etc that were handed down from family, bought at garage sales, antique stores or even picked up out of the trash. Another way is to set your mind on "simple" and "cheap." Take a look at this picture, below, to see what I mean.

bohemian hunter

I can make up a story on how this room ended up looking the way it does in the picture. This house (and remember, I'm using my imagination) had those brown paneled walls from the 60s and 70s, ugly carpet, no crown moulding. The new owner ripped up the carpet, saw wood floors underneath, refinished them, and painted the walls white, adding a strip of simple crown moulding. Can you see the dramatic difference already? Next, they found an old iron bedframe at an antique store for one tenth of the price of the bed they saw in a magazine, painted it white, and found a side table to use as a nightstand at the garage sale down the street. Their parents gave them an old cabinet they no longer wanted, which was also painted to make it look new, and then a broken three leg table was later pulled out of someone's trash. The person used artwork from a different garage sale and bedding from their grandmother. With a little love, the room ended up looking like this. All in all it cost about $400 to make it look like this, but the money was spent over a period of time. Now, I have no idea what the real story of this room is, but I thought it would be the perfect example to show how you can make a beautiful room on short cash and a little patience.

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