Thursday, January 31, 2013

What I'd Like [to do in] 2013

1. Finish our home renovation. We've owned our home for about 2 1/2 years now, with only the third bedroom and second bathroom left to finish. I have to make a few more tweaks and makeovers, like the upstairs hall railing, kitchen backsplash and my dining room chairs. After that, I wonder if we'll move?

2. Lose weight so I don't have to keep getting my rings re-sized (among other reasons, high school reunion(s) being one reason, not having to buy new jeans is reason #3).

3. Paint. I'd like to make a night sky painting, a swan painting, and paint my old dresser something bold and glossy.

4. Buy a super soft, plush red king size blanket , or a powder blue / seafoam green duvet cover. Or both.

5. Help my friend decorate her new house (and put before and after pictures on this blog). First on the to-do list is to paint her octagonal coffee table.

6. Take care of ALL my appointments, chores, tasks, to-do lists, etc.

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