Friday, September 23, 2011

Out of Curiosity & Painted Ceilings

Just out of curiosity, what color would you paint my ceiling above the molding?

And for that matter, what color would you paint the walls?
Doesn't it just seem too plain?
Insomnia has me thinking about painting the walls and leaving the ceiling white, or painting the ceiling and leaving the walls white. It has been done before! (And I'm not talking about color on the walls and ignoring the ceiling, like most people do.) I am not crazy.

Check this out:

Shannon's Eclectic Bay Area Home via Apartment Therapy

McGill Design Group via Desire to Inspire

So what do you think? Dark indigo? Heavy cream? Gold? Burgundy? Pastel green? Pale buttery yellow? Creamsicle?
Keep in mind the two end chairs will be slipcovered in off-white/cream and the brown chairs will be replaced with cream colored chairs, and of course, the orange tablecloth is only seasonal.

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