Monday, September 12, 2011

Wallpaper for the Modern Day Home

There is a certain mentality among suburbia that says wallpaper is a definite NO. It's seen as okay  to have in a vintage Victorian home where all the details have been kept up, and maybe a border stripe in the kid's room, but other than that, we associate it with grandmothers and instinctually have to rip it down if we see it in the new house we buy. Even if someone loved it when they put it up in the 80s, eventually it nags at that person until they take it down. But I am here to prove that wallpaper can be a YES, in moderation.

Use it in the dining room:
Cococozy via Sotheby's International Realty

Use it in the bedroom:
The Decorista's tumblr

Quadrille design by Andrew Raquet via Architectural Digest June 2011

Use it in the bathroom:
Pure Green via The Decorista tumblr

Belle Maison

Use it on an accent wall:

Use it in the laundry room:
Design Sponge

Things That Inspire

Or use it to create a faux library:
via Lonny

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