Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding Space Where There Is None

My mother actually gave me the idea for this post.

How to find space when you think there's none left.
#1 Use shelving within shelving. For example, kitchen cupboard organizers. You can use these for dishes, glasses, pot lids, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, spices, pans, soaps and plastic bags...everything! I think they're especially helpful for very small things, like samples, tea cups and short glasses.

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#2 Use extra pillows and blankets instead of storing them. It's much easier to put five blankets and four pillows on the bed just to take them all off before going to sleep than it is to find a permanent hiding place for them, taking them out only when you have guests over. Besides, a lot of people like the cozy, layered look. If you're not up for it, drape a blanket over the footboard.
Country Living

#3 Use furniture with storage inside, like a storage ottoman, a storage bench, a storage chest or trunk as a coffee table, or a dresser instead of a console table, side table or dining buffet.
A dresser in the dining room, Design Sponge
A storage ottoman, Elle Decor
A vintage trunk used as a side table, Design Sponge

#4Think vertically. Use storage towers in closets and shelves at the very top to utilize space. You could also use slim, low boxes to hide things under the bed.
Source unknown 

#5 Scan important papers so that they don't get ruined, thrown out, or clutter your space. Consider storing a file on your computer before printing it. Every new piece of paper you want to save or print out needs to find a home, and you may not have space to keep it. For the same purpose, put all mail in an in/out box. This one can go right above or below the place where you put your keys.
Notice all the random papers in the image above...

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