Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kitchen Door Curtains vs Blinds

Many of you probably have a kitchen area with a sliding door to the patio or backyard, and have probably wondered at some point whether to leave the door uncovered, put up vertical blinds, or put up drapes/curtains. So I will show you three pictures of each, and you can decide for yourself which looks best, although I would recommend covering your door for privacy if you have close neighbors.

#1 Vertical blinds
I find that vertical blinds, while practical,  are outdated. They work in apartments and temporary living situations, but in an actual house they only detract from the potential atmosphere of being well decorated. In the picture above, you can see that the blinds are framed by a china cabinet on one side, and a blank space on the other. This makes two thirds of the wall seem too occupied.

#2 Uncovered 
 I find that the uncovered doors in the picture above work well because of the uncovered window to the left of it. It is worth mentioning that there are no close neighbors and the house is in a rural area.

#3 Covered with curtains (my own house)
I choose to cover my sliding doors to the backyard deck with thermal curtains to keep cold air out during the winter, seeing as the windows on the door are so large. The thermal curtains really do keep the cold out, and you can definitely see a difference. Not only that, but I chose a color that would accentuate the cream cabinets.

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  1. In choosing between curtains and blinds, or going for a "naked," uncovered look, one should always consider the room first. The blinds or curtains have to blend in with the room so the elements in the room would not clash.