Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They Don't Make Em Like They Used To

I really wanted to do a post on the gorgeous houses of Detroit. Unfortunately Detroit is constantly ranking within the top three most dangerous cities in the country (it was #2 this year, while Flint was #1), which is heart breaking, because some of the architechture and design is worth saving. Detroit used to and still does have so much to offer, including the Detroit Institute of Art, which is a whole different story regarding design worth saving. One of the incredibly handsom neighborhoods in Detroit is called the Boston-Edison District. Below I will share some pictures found in listings past and present.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say: "The Boston-Edison Historic District is a historic neighborhood located in the geographic center of Detroit, Michigan. It consists of over 900 homes built on four east/west streets: West Boston Boulevard, Chicago Boulevard, Longfellow Avenue, and Edison Avenue, stretching from Woodward Avenue on the east to Linwood Avenue on the west. It is one of the largest residential historic districts in the nation. It is surrounded by Sacred Heart Major Seminary to the west, the Arden Park-East Boston Historic District and the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament to the east, and the Atkinson Avenue Historic District to the south."

The Barry Gordy House:

The Charles T. Fisher House:

The Walter O. Briggs House:

The James Couzens House:

(Probably the most famous) The Henry Ford House:

The Kresge House:

The Benjamin Siegal House:


If it weren't for the high crime rate, look how beautiful some parts of Detroit are.
For more, read this article.

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