Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & J.K. Place Capri

Today I'd like to post pictures of the place I'd like to visit most, in hopes that I can go there soon. It is Isola di Ponza, Italy, a tiny island filled with cats and good food. There are a few islands in the group, and Capri is nearby. I went to Ponza when I was nine, and apparently now the islands are major tourist attractions that celebrities are known to frequent. Anyway, a while ago there were pictures of the J.K. Place Capri in one of my favorite online magazines, Lonny, and I just had to share how gorgeous this hotel is.

Michele Bonan is the designer of this hotel and they've also done the Heidelberg Suites in Germany and J.K. Place Firenze. I believe prices for the J.K. Capri start at 800 euros. Most images from their website.

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