Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Future House Wishlist

Adding to my past "Dream House" post, or just editing it a little.

1. A fireplace in the living room, but also one in the master bedroom.
McGill Design Group via Desire to Inspire

2. A chicken coop.
Isabelle & Bradon via Apartment Therapy

3. A four seasons "catio." (Cat patio)

4. At least one set of French / antique double doors inside.

5. Four or more bedrooms.
Room for Color, Apartment Therapy

Nickey Kehoe via Decorpad

6. An indoor swing for any future baby, preferably in a very whimsical, mainly white bedroom.

7. Brick or tile for the kitchen floor. (I am SO sick of hardwood in my kitchen.)
The Style Files

Tommy Smythe via La Dolce Vita

8. A butler's pantry. (Now I'm getting picky. But it really sucks having to go into the basement every time I'm hungry. Granted a future house would have more space in the kitchen for food...I still want one.)
Houzz via Material Girls

9. A bigger master bath.
219 North Cliffwood via Decorpad

10. A Japanese wood soaking tub / hinoki tub.

11. An indoor (maybe in basement) sauna.

12. An outdoor fireplace, preferable under the patio or something so you can still enjoy it when the weather is bad.

13. Tons of trees on the property.

14. Either a completely white exterior or a brick exterior, although I think most would agree with me if I said I'd be completely happy in the house from Practical Magic.

15. A white beadboard ceiling in the kitchen.

Michael S. Smith via Cococozy

16. A brick patio, with a beadboard ceiling and chandelier.
Live Breathe Decor

17. A meditation/reading/movie room with two chaise lounges and a fireplace.
H&H via Live Breathe Decor

18. Some rounded windows, preferably over the kitchen sink.
Alvhelm via Cococozy

A screenshot of Dave's bedroom from "The Chipmunks"


  1. Hi - Love your blog! I'm wondering where the pic came from with the sauna next to the blue shower - would like to emulate that in our house...

  2. Sorry, the source wasn't listed when I saved the picture, and it was so long ago that I couldn't backtrack to the site I got it from.