Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mom's Bedroom

I still have one bedroom left to redo, and while I am extremely tempted to turn it into a room strictly for fostered kittens, I have another matress to use, another dresser to use, and the possibility of having more guests than just my parents staying the night sometime in the future.
So I'm sure that I can put a protective matress cover over the bed, reserve my fancy sheets and duvet cover for when there aren't kittens, and restrain myself from buying a bedframe that kittens could dissappear under. For now.

It currently looks like this...

And my mom got us these sheets and duvet cover set for our wedding shower. I put up a paint sample that I really like. Which do you think works best? I can't decide. The dresser in the room will be a very dark chocolate brown. The true color of the sheets is closer to the top picture.

That said, here are ideas for that bedroom...

This first room is all white and has a white canopy bed like I want, but that will have to wait.
Apartment Therapy - Marya Rick

This second room has trees painted on the walls in two different shades of gray. My colors would still be gray, just a little bit darker.

This third room also has a painted/stenciled design that I love
The famous? Ohdeedoh pagoda kid's bedroom

And this last one I wonder if a smoky blue paint color like this might be a nice off-set to the golden cream color of the sheets and duvet cover I have
Peacock Feather Blog

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