Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dining Room Chandelier Options

A while ago I thought I had the perfect chandelier picked out for my dining room. Then I realized it was so tall it would almost touch the table. So I had to start looking again. My mother constantly suggests an airy wrought iron chandelier, and I tell her it is too "heavy" for the room. Then I found this beauty, made of bronze and crystal. It is foresty and magical.

What do you think? Would it look nice in my as-yet-unfinished dining room (below)?

I really hate the www.gallery804.com website for not having CLEAR, detailed, large photos. But I was extremely happy with the bedroom chandelier (see below) so I trust them.

Then they also have the smaller mate to it, which I would put in the living room.

If you see the pictures of my house you know that the living room and dining room are open to each other and you would be able to see both chandeliers at the same time. That is why it is important to me that they match each other. (See living room through dining room below.)

Oh this is so exciting...

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