Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pillow I Dream Of

Isn't it gorgeous? I found it in a little Mackinac Island shop and passed it by
because I thought my cats might shred it or pee on it.  (By Catstudio)
I have been missing this pillow for days.

But on a more pleasant note, look at this yummy home-baked pie!
Multiberry Pie (blackberry, blueberry, cherry) from a small country/lakeshore
drive-by place on our drive home. I ate most of it while it was still hot.

When I got home I checked my email and found this little gem:
Jocelyn Warner wallpaper via Design Sponge

And here is how I feel right now...
I love you food and Sailor Moon
Right now I am trying like hell to stop eating this mocha fudge before I get sick
but it's just sooooo good

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