Friday, August 26, 2011

Stripes in Home Decor

There are many things we associate stripes with: prison, flags, menswear, cabanas, circus tents, awnings, all things nautical, and outdoor furniture, just to name a few. Stripes in the home are classic and timeless. Just like how black and white is hard to not look chic, stripes can make the room complete. You can achieve a particular look with stripes depending on what else is in the room.
Dash and Albert rug via
I wouldn't put a baby blue striped nautical rug in a cabin filled with heavy brown leather furniture and antler chandeliers, but I would put one in a bright beach house. And that doesn't mean nautical stripe rugs can only be put in places near the water, it just means using certain colors and patterns to your home's advantage. That baby blue nautical stripe rug by Dash and Albert might look great in your city apartment (nowhere near the beach), or a little country home, if the walls and hardwood floors are a light color and you have fun, colorful or white accessories.
Warner Wallcoverings via

You might achieve a posh, modern, upscale appearance by using stripes on the walls, (as seen in the images above and below), either on every wall in the room or just on an accent wall. In the image above, the room could easily have given a different impression with a different console table and drapes. As it looks in the picture it is refined and somewhat...rustic, perhaps, but with a glossy bold-colored console table, glittery vintage accessories, and linen parachute drapes, it could easily have looked circus chic.
This room looks very posh because of the sleek furniture and modern accessories. Elle Decor

You can use stripes as a sort of backsplash to a vignette, or you can paint or wallpaper the inside of a bookcase for an interesting background for things you love.

I also mentioned "circus chic" before, which might seem really weird, but it can be very cool.
These red stripes in designer Kristiina Ratia's home are a good example, via Elle Decor

Maybe just a shower curtain? via Elle Decor

And I could see these pink stripes in a circus tent with ponies.

How about some cabana stripes for an in-home cultural, festive experience? This might go well with greens and browns or other earth tones for a natural atmosphere.
Lisa Stasiulewicz via Lonny Magazine July 2011

What about stripes that can make a room seem like a vintage candy shop?
Ofer Kamil house tour via Apartment Therapy
Or a little African animal exhibit in the nursery?
Dillon Kyle Architects via Decorpad
Lastly, there are "French stripes." You might give your kitchen, for example, a French atmosphere by pairing white and rattan bistro chairs, a small table to eat at with "French blue" and white striped tea towels. Another room might feature a baby blue and roses pattern and etched or painted mirrored furniture.
Or some French blue/awning stripes in your drapes...
Pottery Barn via

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