Monday, August 15, 2011

A New Page and Pretty Rooms

As you see above, I have added a new link on this blog called "Tour The Condo," located right next to "Tour My House." It is our family owned condo on the beach, which my mother completely remodled and decorated. (The beginnings of my obsession with all things home started with her, including my hobby of watching HGTV and the DIY channel, my love of vintage furniture and glasses, my need to have wine decanters and an ice bucket, my grandmother's dishes, and fancy bed linens.)

I thought I might do a regular post on the condo pictures, but since they're already on this blog, I have a better idea of what to post today. I'm sure these pictures are all over every blog by now, but of course they are because this is one nice bathroom.

Anile Prakash via Design Sponge

And here's a special set of photos found on The Nester...

Images: personal photos via

P.S. I found glitter paint at Home Depot and it is AWESOME! I think I might glitter-paint something if I have a baby girl one day, because what little girl doesn't love glitter? And it would give her room something special.

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