Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiring Kid's Bedrooms

I do not have kids, but with all the inspiration out there I found it hard to resist sharing pictures of kid's rooms that I've found online. Maybe this post will help someone that stumbles on it, or maybe I'll use these ideas myself someday.

via norske interior blogger
Everyone loves a window seat and a non-horse rocking chair!
via bohemian hunter
I swear that if I ever have kids they can have their pick between a tipi (teepee?) and an indoor tent.
via norske interior blogger
The simple chandelier is essential, I think. It seems to bring up the quality of the room, as do most chandeliers. The tea table and chairs beside the bed is adorable.
I'm sorry, I have no clue where I found this picture. But I love the round crib!
This is the Borgen Castle by VeraVera. If you have a free corner, make the most out of it.

via Apartment Therapy
This would be even cuter with bunk beds - it would create a tree-like effect.

I do not remember where I found this picture, but the stenciled tree is exactly the same in both pictures.

I love this colorful bedroom via Ohdeedoh.

Love the idea of an indoor swing in the main living area or in the bedroom. When your kid outgrows it, take it down. (But I doubt they ever will.) via ModernPrairieGirl.com

Kate Dixon's circus room via Design Sponge. Love the ferris wheel toy storage.

I love the origami mobile here that was handmade. Picture from Eleanor Ribeyron's flickr photostream.

If you have DIY skills or know someone that does, this fairy bedroom from alldoing.com is super cute.

And a little tip: if you plan on your child having a lot of sleep-overs, a trundle bed works wonders and saves space at the same time. Otherwise, give them a few extra large blankets or sheets and make them create a tent in the family room.

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