Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revamp Your Laundry Room for Spring

If you have an average, boring laundry room, try adding a fresh coat of paint, a fancy new light, or a hanging laundry rack. The picture below features a clean white paint color on the cabinets (don't be afraid to paint over that outdated wood,) uncluttered and clean hardwood floors, and a gorgeous light fixture.
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This room utilizes a coat rack and has calming blue and white paint colors. has a lot of beautiful chandeliers in all sizes, and some that are very inexpensive. This one (above) is only $99, the perfect size for a laundry room, and is 100% crystal.
Don't hesitate to visit this site! Most of their mini chandeliers are on sale right now. Here is some more eye candy from their site...

Not to mention that any of these would be perfect for a bathroom, in a reading nook, a walk-in closet, or over a kitchen island.

One last tip: consider a counter over the washer and dryer...
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