Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off Topic

Everyone has something that when they see it or hear it or read it they end up having no bodily control over what happens next. For some people, they may be in a bookstore reading something juicy and come to a very, very funny part and have an involuntary fit of laughter, soon after shrinking in their seat from the confused glances from nearby shoppers. For some, it might be word-vomiting the catchy "I know, right?" as soon as someone says something they totally understand and would have said themselves, and then realizing how idiotic it sounded for an adult to say that. I can make my husband cry on command by playing an ASPCA or Humane Society commercial, although unfortunately it doesn't lead him immediately to the animal shelter. I, incidentally, am blessed/cursed with an ability to squeal uncontrolably when I see a cat that I want, which ninety percent of the time is a lynx-point siamese, and it is usually followed by, "Can I get another cat?" I have five now. But cats are like decor here at my house. In fact, the cats have their own furniture. So, I now introduce you to my kids. I mean cats. Since no one is reading this anyway.

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