Saturday, March 5, 2011

West Elm Wonders

I am in love with West Elm. Every blog I read says not to have too much stuff from the same place in one room (in other words, don't have too many easily recognizable pieces from the same catalog in one room.) They call it matcy-matchy. That will prove very hard for me. Here are the things I love from West Elm:
#1 The moderately priced Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, which I WILL own SOON.
#2 The not-so-moderately priced (until they go on sale) Parachute and Pintuck duvet covers. I happen to like the Parachute duvet cover in white and the Pintuck duvet cover in blue. My mother has generously decided to buy a crystal chandelier for my master bedroom to replace the late 90's ceiling fan, so once I get that are hooked up and take pictures of my master bedroom, you will see why I like those two duvet covers in those specific colors.

#3 I can't seem to find curtains I don't like at West Elm, so I'll only share the few that I could actually use right this second.
The crinkle-cotton window panel in citron, as pictured, for my family room.
But as nice and sunny as those are, somehow the idea of white velvet curtains is too tempting to resist, so something like these velvet grommet window panels is still in the running, although I wish they came in a pole-pocket option.

The linen cotton pole-pocket window panel in pear green ( which I WILL own SOON) which is identical to the picture shown here except this one is grommet-top.
#4 My family room desperately needs this ivory and black zigzag rug in the 5x8 size. (In the picture there is also the ivory and brown version.) Some good designers say to purchase your rug first and go from there to design the rest of your room, but I feel that rugs should always have the option to be switched out. If you try to plan the whole room around a specific color in a specific rug and then something bad happens to that rug...well, let's just say it would be easier to keep in mind that the rug you choose may not be around forever.
My dining room, on the other hand, craves this ivory chevron knot rug. Everyone loves chevron.
However, this Lourdes Sanchez bull's-eye rug has the perfect color scheme to match my Taika dinnerware. It wouldn't be too overbearing, either, with plain off-white walls and two black bookcases-turned-china-cabinets.

Then there's this adorable little thing by David Stark, his zebra rug made of 100% jute, which just so happens to be perfect for my upstairs hallway, which currently has a sheepskin rug about ten times too small for the space. Although I could always just buy a bigger sheepskin rug. West Elm has one of those as well.
I know I shouldn't be too matchy-matchy, but all of these things go so well together. It's like all the puzzle pieces of putting my house together just fell into place. And even though I have THREE sets of china (one from my grandmother, one from my mom, and my Taika that I just had to have) I can't resist these neo-baroque pieces from West Elm. Not to mention they go great with Taika if you wanted to mix them.

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