Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Great Bathrooms

Over the past year I have learned that if you still have a sliding door to your shower or a non-white sink (unless its a vessel sink) or toilet, fixtures that really don't match, or a gold faucet, your bathroom is simply out of date. If you have wallpaper in your bathroom, vinyl, vertical blinds, or anything from before the 90's...well, you need a makeover. I highly suggest watching the DIY channel. Here are ten great bathrooms to get you inspired.
1. Murdock Young via The Style Files (

2. Sneak Peek of a Portland Four Square via Design Sponge. (
3. A half bath in the John Saint Denis house tour from Apartment Therapy. This could easily be inspiration for a full bath if you picture the shower right before the towel bar, opposite the toilet. (
4. A bathroom by James Michael Howard (who I will post on very soon) via Decorpad. ( Michael Howard&searchType=photos)
5. One that is very similar to the last is this bathroom by Anne Chessin via flickr. (
6. For those of you with very, very little space, check out Dehlia's bathroom from Apartment Therapy. (
7. Also, this post from Apartment Therapy. (
8. Christina Murphy Interiors via Decorpad. ( bathroom&searchType=photos)
9. A Haskell Harris bathroom via Decorpad. (
10. And I saved the best (and least realistic) for last. Also from Decorpad, Colleen Duffy via Cottage Living. (

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