Monday, January 31, 2011

Chalkboards in the Kitchen

Lately it seems like every kitchen I see online has a chalkboard in it. There could be a chalkboard on the front of a cabinet like in this picture from Country Living: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Decorating (online gallery) which, by the way, has the most amazing little pantry ever...all those matching spice jars kill me.

There could be chalkboard-refridgerators like in the Apartment Therapy: Chalkboards in the Kitchen Roundup.
There could even be an entire wall of chalkboard paint, as in this picture from
But the idea I liked the most was this one from Apartment Therapy - hiding the chalkboard (and other memos) on the inside of a cabinet so that you could easily close it and all looks normal.
And thus, I followed through on something. Here is the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets. I have it on two inner cabinets so far and plan to put pictures of family and friends, recipes, and other notes on the insides of the others. I only wish the sticky chalkboard had been in the perfect size. As you can see it is a little small for this area. I find this idea especially useful because one of those chalkboards can be used to write down emergency contact numbers. The only one I have listed so far is the emergency vet.
I bought the stick-on chalkboard at Marshalls, but you could just as easily buy chalkboard paint - remember to put primer on first. I might just take down my sticky ones and do this myself. Trust me, this is an easy cure to the stack of post-it notes sitting on your counter, the phone numbers you never remember, immediate tasks, chores, etc.

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