Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day Wishlist

If you know me, you know that I love Anthropologie. I can't afford Anthropologie, but that doesn't make me like their stuff any less. And their jewelry is no exception. I am definitely seeing a trend online of raw gemstones and stone jewelry. This jewelry is on my Valentine's Day Wishlist of ideas.

Anthropologie Raw Gem earrings

Anthrpologie Frozen-Through earrings
 Anthropologie Forged in Blue earrings, although I would hope they're not so akwardly shaped in person.
The seriously cute Anthropologie Orb D'Oro earrings
Anthropologie Persephone earrings
Anthropologie Agate Tears earrings
Unfortunately I can't get a picture of the Filigreed Teardrops Earrings, but they're worth taking a look at. As for their necklaces, I never trust them. They always look like chokers in the pictures and turn out to be monster size. The only one I love this time is this, the Twofold Amethyst necklace.

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