Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Hope To Add To The Kitchen

In order to solve our lack of space problem, this Ikea kitchen cart called "Flytta" is the cheapest and prettiest solution, not to mention it is all stainless steel to match our appliances.
Hopefully it will be a little something like this:

We also know the resale value of a kitchen backsplash. While the exterior of our house is, unfortunately, baby blue siding, (not uncommon in our city,) I don't think it would be so horrible to have one or two blue-accented rooms inside the house. When we first saw a picture of our house online we almost didn't go see it because the house was blue. It's seaside cottage like in a big city - very weird. So we know the next buyers might be overwhelmed by the color, too. So the less blue inside, the better. But the pictures of these blue backsplashes below are so pretty. The first picture is Suzanne Kasler, the second Eric Roth Photography.

Otherwise, we have the option of green. The first picture features Biazza Glass Mosaic Tiles and the second is a Brandon Barre picture via Decorpad.

And if green doesn't happen to match the rest of our house, we can choose something white or neutral.
I'll post about our decision when it is made. And feedback would be great!

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