Thursday, January 27, 2011

What We Have To Work With - The Kitchen

As you can see, we struck gold with the hardwood floors (ask me about their secret that I only discovered the other day! Hint: It's not good.) Quartz countertop. Custom cabinetry. Huge sliding door to the porch with an excellent view of our shed, garage and lack of yard. New kitchen window over sink. A spice jar wall. Stainless steel sink.

The only problem is the lack of space! I don't know what your impression will be of our kitchen, but trust me, there is no room for food storage. All of our food is in the basement on shelves my hubby put together on the cheap. We were even worried we wouldn't be able to have an oven and fridge fit in the layout, but we got the smallest fridge we could find that was stainless steel. It turns out most full size ovens only really come in one size.

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