Thursday, January 27, 2011

What We Did With The Kitchen

Well, my mother claims that paint sanitizes the walls. While I never bothered to find out if that's true, I just assumed she was right, and I wasn't about to say no. I didn't like the sandy color on the kitchen walls to start with. More importantly, however, was the fact that the previous owner of the house had many animals and did not take care of them or clean up after them. We found dog and cat hair in every SINGLE possible nook and cranny you could imagine. And even after washing the walls with rags twice, after we got done painting the kitchen (and every other room in the house for that matter) we found that we'd painted over little animal hairs. They're permanent now.

This is the end result, with a few Halloween decorations and clutter on top of the fridge that I forgot to put away for the pictures. I'd say we did a really good job. And you can't see it in the picture but the dishwasher (opposite the oven) matches the other stainless steel appliances.

I know not everyone can afford stainless steel, but having your kitchen in warm, inviting colors (like light neutrals) and having all appliances match really decreases a homeowner's stress, and leaves the house ready for a resale.

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