Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Reason For This Blog

My mission is simple. While hunting for our first house, my husband and I were pretty much disgusted by some of the homes we saw. People in our area apparently just don't know how to update their homes. We saw everything from dirt-covered vinyl kitchen floors to scrolling blinds in the family room, fire engine red dining rooms with 80s furniture, and closets missing one half of their door. Our own 1932 house that we purchased was ignored for many, many years and was painted ugly greens, browns, and whites. There was carpeting in the master bedroom closet, the dining room (but not the family room) and basement ceiling tile in the bedrooms. The first thing we knew we would rip out was the mold-covered plastic tub/shower surrounds.

That's where the title of this blog came from. We wanted a little house to call our own, nothing too big or spectacular, but we wanted it to be quality. So we started to redo every room in the house step by step, and we're making sure the house is done well. I'm hoping that by sharing pictures and stories of our progress others will be inspired to update their own homes. And even if I won't use a certain image or idea for my house, I'd like to share the absolutely beautiful pictures I've found online for others to fall in love with.

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