Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blue Orchid

Two Valentine's Days ago my then fiancee bought me a pink orchid because late that evening I casually reminded him that it was Valentine's Day, and yes, people usually give gifts on that day. So he ran to Meijers and picked up the potted orchid. Then I realized we lived in an upstairs bedroom with barely any light, so I gave it to my mom to take care of. She protected it from my father, who, if he had his way, would have thrown it out long ago. Then she got super excited when it bloomed on the day of my wedding shower after having looked "dead" for a season. I tried to take it back this month and she said no, and my husband told me he saw a blue orchid the other day. I got mad because he should have known I would want one, knowing that I like them and now I have none. So yesterday we went to Meijers and I bought a "Blue Mystique." For $35. Yes, I know, that's expensive. But doesn't it look pretty on my window sill?

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