Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Front Door Makeover

Well I finally got around to painting the front door the same color as the family room/living room walls. Then I moved the bookshelves back to both sides of the TV because I have a new plan for the dining room.

Before (ugly taupe-y color)

After (clean white)
Notice my husband, doing what he does best

Next on the to-do list for my home: the third bedroom (second guest bedroom, which will have an office in the closet) and the master bedroom.

And in other news, I began volunteeing to do TNR, which is trapping, neutering and returning feral cats to their original neighborhood. Here is one of the cats I caught. She is currently nursing so I had to let her go. But she is definitely not feral, so hopefully she and her babies can be adopted. The poor thing was all skin and bones and very dirty. This is what happens when people toss their animals outside or don't fix them. And if not for TNR, all the ferals cats that make it to humane societies are immediately put down.

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