Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Dream House

I know that "living small" is popular right now, and most times necessary, but I don't think I could ever do it. I'm a 3+ bedroom 2+ bathroom kind of girl. And my 1,100 or so square foot house is still too small. Our butler's pantry is a shelf in the basement. And I have no intentions of sorting through my things and getting rid of stuff, and I can't resist a good find at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, so I am constantly bringing in new stuff. The only option is to move (someday) to a bigger house.

Here are my requirements:
#1 A master bedroom with a nook where the bed will go, a seating area with a coffee table, and a fireplace.
Photo: don't remember, I think it might be Design Sponge?

Steven Mays via Kelly G Design

#2 A master bathroom with chevron or herringbone tile.
Christina Murphy Interiors via Decorpad

#3 A bedroom just for my parents that looks a little bit French royalty, a little New England seaside, and a little bit English countryside. They always say they'd never live with me, but I'd force them to rather than putting them in a nursing home.

Rue Conde

Things That Inspire

#4 A guest bedroom for my most frequent company. Probably either blue and white or red and white, and I would like for it to seem like a hotel room.

Massuco Warner Miller Design

Living Etc via Decor Is Like Butter

Habitually Chic on Flickr

#5 A baby girl's room (assuming I have a girl) in untraditional cranberry or the lightest pink, with hints of yellow, blue and purple. It must have a teepee, lots of stuffed animals, permanent white christmas lights, and a little desk with chairs. Also, sublte details of fairytales (not the usual ones) and myths and celestial things.
Photo: I don't remember where I found this

#6 My daughter's own colorful bathroom.

The Nest

#7 A kitchen like this:

Source unknown

#8 Amazing architechtural details.

House Beautiful

Other details I would like: a balcony garden or rooftop garden, a spiral staircase, a hidden room, a carriage house, a pond or pool (and an indoor pool would be best) but I'll settle for a hot tub or sauna, a library/office combo, high ceilings, lots of fur blankets and sheepskin rugs


  1. I don't think I could live "small" either but if my house was too big, it wouldn't take me long to start feeling like the second Mrs de Winter from Rebecca.

    That said, if money wasn't an object, I'd love to have a library, just like the one from Beauty and the Beast. (And bang goes the "nothing too big" theory, right there) It would be my go-to place whenever I needed a break from the world and I could just pick up a book and disappear into another world for a while.

    Don't think that'll happen any time soon though. If I so much as LOOKED at the house valuation on any property with a library, my bank account would never speak to me again.

    Realistically, the most luxury I can expect would be a power shower and a massive great brick barbecue.

  2. You know, I had that book sitting around forever and just gave it away because I have way more books than I can ever read. Was it any good?
    My living room is pretty much a library as I have two big bookshelves on both sides of the TV. And more books in the basement, and more in one of the bedrooms, and a magazine pile under the coffee table and in the dining room.

  3. Sounds wonderful. :) I've only got the one bookshelf but I do have at least one pile of books in each room that won't fit. I keep saying to myself that I need to get myself another set of shelves but I never get round to doing it.

    Rebecca is one of my favourites, it's definitely worth a read if you get the chance. My "Top Five" list of books changes every time someone asks me but Rebecca is consistently in there somewhere. No-one writes tension like Daphne du Maurier, it's such a tense book all the way through. You could call it an "other woman" story but it approaches it in such a unique way.

    I'm sorry, that synopsis sounds so pompous. The book really is much, much better than I'm making it sound. :)

  4. Well I got the book back and now I realize it is a different book than the one you read. This one is Rebecca's Tale by Sally Beauman. Either way, I'll give it a try.

    Maybe my next blog post will be about bookshelves. :)

  5. I've not read that one but I've heard about it, as Sally Beauman wrote the foreword in the edition of Rebecca that I've got. I think it goes a little more into Rebecca's character, which should be interesting.

    I'll keep an eye out for any bookshelf related posts. :)Maybe it'll inspire me to get off my backside and actually sort myself out with another set. :)

  6. This is a pretty cool dream house, fingers crossed that you get it someday! I haven’t really got much experience with buying/selling a home but I mean if you were to I know there’s a lot of legal and financial stuff to be dealt with. I wonder if the time it takes to carry out all the conveyancing work varies according to the size of the property.

  7. Yeah, not looking forward to the legal/financial part. Especially since I'd want to sell on my own, as a "For Sale By Owner."

  8. I like the master bathroom, especially its floor. Just looking at it makes me feel that it'll be relaxing once I took a bath there. But keeping it clean will be a bit of a challenge.

  9. Yes, Ailith, I believe you would need a large supply of Windex and Swiffer sweepers! But so worth it for a cool bathroom. Actually, I still have a bathroom upstairs that I need to gut and redo, so the shower stall will look a lot like this. As for the floor, I'm not sure yet. I would love to have a cool pattern.