Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Try Some Curtains

I strongly believe that "blinds" are one of the worst things you can do to your house. You know what I'm talking about - the plastic vertical ones with a chain to pull them open. Yes, I'm talking about your condo, Mom. (I even hate roller blinds and the bamboo type of blinds, unless there are curtains or drapes over them.) They just don't look attractive. That said, try some fabric curtains. Not only will they help block out noise and sunlight, they're a lot prettier, and come in a lot more options. Not to mention they improve your decor instead of detracting from it. Martha Stewart has a well priced line of curtain rods at Home Depot.

Try it in the dining room or wherever you have a kitchen table
Pam Pierce via Cote de Texas

Try them in the family room or TV room
Angelique House Tour on Apartment Therapy

Kelly G Design via Cococozy

Try it in the bedroom
Vanessa de Vargas via Lonny Mag
Rachel Aswell via Decorpad
Habitually Chic's flickr photostream
A pink bedroom featured on Cote de Texas

Try it in the kids bedroom
House Beautiful via

Try them in the home office
Tyra Banks office makeover

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  1. A while back I came across a post on facebook showing how a designer used simple painters dropcloths as cute trendy curtains.