Monday, April 4, 2011

The Entryway

I'm so jealous of people whose front doors don't lead straight into the middle of their family room, like mine does. I wish I could put a nice console table by my front door, with a lamp and mirror on it and an owl umbrella stand next to it. I do have one of the smallest mudrooms to ever exist, where we hang coats, keep our shoes and feed our cats. But the vinyl flooring is killing me. I desperately want to tile it. I am a firm believer in NO vinyl! My engineered hardwood floor (in the upstairs hallway) cost 98 cents per square foot at Home Depot. Anyway, here are some wonderful entryways to get you motivated. I think entryways, given that they are the first thing people see when they walk into your house, should be the most well-decorated and the most clutter-free. And don't underestimate the power of a coat rack. Its so easy for guests to hang their coat on a coatrack, rather than wait for their host to put the coat in a bedroom or closet. And Urban Outfitters has a good one for cheap.
Thom Filicia via Decorpad

Apartment Therapy Emily House Tour

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Artistic Designs for Living via Decorpad

Lori Graham via Decorpad

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Bear Hill Interiors

Apartment Therapy - Louisa House Call

Carrie Hayden Design via Eclectic Revisited

Kim Cornelison Photography via Decorpad

Here is the foyer, entry and mudroom checklist...although not all of them are necessary.
1. A place for coats & bags
2. A place for shoes
3. A place to sit
4. Good lighting overhead or a lamp
5. A rug to wipe boots and shoes
6. An umbrella stand
7. A vase for flowers
8. A mirror
9. Art, picture frames, decorations, objects of interest - optional

And for those of you who have a side door that opens up to laundry, storage, or a space that can't fit anything but a coat hook, don't just ignore that space or shut the door when company comes over. Make that space shine. Add a cheap but pretty chandelier, put up some bold wallpaper in a small hallway, give the floor some character by adding a sweet rug.

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