Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Guest Bedroom

Our "cultural" guest bedroom is almost complete. I say cultural because I can't decide if it is more Moroccan than it is Indian. All we need to do is paint the crown moulding. I was stupid not to take before pictures, because WOW, it was really bad. The walls were painted a dark brown, then someone decided to scrape most of it off, so it became partially brown and partially white. Then a teenager wrote all over the walls, door, and closet, so it looked like a junkie house with graffiti all over. The icing on the cake was the tiled ceiling (put up because it had been a rental at one point in time.) So there are only "after" pictures this time. Note that the flash on my camera makes the paint color seem blue, when in fact it is a very dark purple. Also, my camera likes to add floating spots every other picture. Go figure. At least the camera is crush-proof and water-proof.

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