Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do It Yourself

plain white lamp + permanent marker
patricia snook on flickr via apartment therapy
bedframe + white christmas lights (even when its not a holiday)

Elle Decor via Kellyg-design.blogspot.com
tape + paint

painted animal silhouette of your choice + frame
Custom Southern Charmer - Apartment Therapy
hang some stuff + put a ribbon behind it
Justina on Design Sponge
hang a few thin bars from the ceiling + drape blankets over them
buy it
or cut out hearts, fold in half lightly, glue to something and frame
Monte Carlo pillow by Jonathan Adler featured in Lonny Mag
buy/make a plain pillow + embroider your favorite city or whatever else
Kate Spade in Lonny Mag
(I totally agree - don't be afraid to draw on your own walls)
Liv and Jeff House Tour via Apartment Therapy
write a funny note/constant reminder + frame it
from the same source as above
get a chalkboard + be creative
faux moulding designed by john barman via material girls
use a yardstick (it doesn't have to be even) + paint this awsomeness
chalkboard paint
Apartment Therapy: The Green Cure
put mouthwash in a crystal decanter
write something awesome on the wall

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