Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank the Bums

Yup. I guess a few years ago (before we bought our house) some bums were living in the unused foresty area behind our house that is owned by a car repair place, stole a Meijer shopping cart, and left it on the other side of our barbed-wire fence. I have no idea why we have a barbed wire fence, but we never see it because the garage, shed and huge old tree block the view. Its not that we live in a bad neighborhood. Anyway, I had my husband climb over our neighbor's fence to go grab the shopping cart, fix it up a little, and now it is in our basement where our washer and dryer are. I'm jealous of people who have an actual laundry room, not one that is in an unfinished Michigan basement, but I'm sure that even if I had one with walls with pretty paint and a pretty chandelier, I would still put the shopping cart in it.

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